1x 16km Regata Odiana
Odiana8+ 16km
1x 500m Olive Grove Sprint Cup
Pre Programme

  • November 13th and 14th 2021.


  • Regata Odiana e Odiana 8+ - 16.000 metres;
  • Sprint do Olival - 500 metres.

  • 13th November
    • 10.00am – Odiana 8+ briefing at Zone C's tent;
    • 10.30am – Boarding start;
    • 11.30am – Regata Odiana start;

    • 3.00pm – Olive Grove Cup briefing at Zone A's tent;
    • 3.30pm – Boarding start;
    • 4.00pm – Olive Grove Cup start;
    • 6.00pm – Sunset Cocktail and Award Ceremony of the day's events;

  • 14th November
    • 9.00am – Regata Odiana's briefing at Zone A's tent;
    • 9.30am – Boarding start;
    • 10.30am – Regata Odiana's start;
    • 2.00pm – Lunch and Award Ceremony;

  • The regulation is available here.

  • Regata Odiana e Odiana 8+
    • Juniors, seniors and masters, male and female, 8+ (Odiana 8+) and 1x (Regata Odiana);
    • Odiana 8+ are in open and mixed regime: accepted interclub and mixed gender tripulations;
    • Deferred starts using the handicap table in the regulation;
    • Paralel start in 8 boat rows;
    • All rows start simultaneously;
    • A referee will align the starting line up rows;
    • Line up boat sorting by boat number plate;
    • Boat number plates are delivered at the regatta’s check-in.
  • Olive Grove Sprint Cup
    • Juniors, seniors and masters, male and female, 1x;
    • The cup's format will depend on the ammount of entries. The base format the cup will be built upo is as follows:
      • Qualifying heats of 2,3 or 4 boats each;
      • The heats will be setup according to category proximity;
      • Final with 2 to 6 boats;
      • Simultaneous starts;
      • Handicaps applied over finishing time;
    • A referee will align the starting line up rows;
    • Boat number plates are delivered at the regatta’s check-in.

7th - AWARDS:
  • Participation souvenir;
  • Award for the winner on each category;
  • The Award Ceremony will take place at ZONE C.

8th - ENTRIES:
  • Entries are done by submitting the form at the entries page on the regatta’s website;
  • Entries should be submitted by November 10th the latest;
  • After this date no more submitions will be accepted;
  • Each entry will only be validated upon sending a payment confirmation copy to: info@regataodiana.com;
  • The organization should be informed of the relay couples;
  • All athletes must be registered in their respective Federation for the current season and hold a valid sport insurance;
  • Mixed club couples are allowed for the RELAY;
  • 60 boats is the maximum number for this year’s edition.
  • The entry fee is 15€ per rower until October 15thand 20€ from October 16th to November 5th. Additional regattas add 5€ per regatta to the fee;
  • Payment details will be sent upon reception of the entry form;

9th - CHECK-IN:
  • Check-in should be done until:
    • 10am on November 13th at Zone C for Odiana 8+;
    • 3pm on November 13th at Zone A for Olive Grove Sprint Cup and Regata Odiana;
  • The following starter pack shall be delivered when checking in:
    • Boat number;
    • Regatta's pre programme and regulation;
    • Course map marking floaters and reference.
  • Waivers up until the deputies meeting.

  • Boarding for Odiana 8+ happens at Zone C;
  • Boarding for Olive Grove Sprint Cup and Regata Odiana and boat parking happens at Zone A;
  • Landing from Odiana 8+ and Olive Grove Sprint Cup happens at Zone A;
  • Landing from Regata Odiana happens at Zone C;
  • For training and course recognition purposes both Zone A and C can be used for boarding and landing;
  • Zone B shall only be used for the check-point pit stop during the regatta;
  • On November 13th and 16th Zone B cannot be used for either boarding or landing.

  • Briefing meetings will be held:
    • Odiana 8+ - Zona C tent, November 13th 10am;
    • Sprint do Olival - Zona A tent, November 13th 3pm;
    • Regata Odiana - Zona A tent, November 14th 9am;
  • Information and decisions related to the regatta will be provided at the meeting.

  • Ambulance stationed at Zone A and Zone C;
  • Safety boat in the water.

  • The organization is not responsible for any material damage caused by an accident;
  • Each club/participant should have their material insured.


  • All issues or matters not described in this pre-programme will be resolved by the organization and/or the jury;
  • It is the participants responsibility the hydration and sunscreen;
  • Boarding is done in the water, therefore we advise the usage of appropriate footware.
Organization: GUS (Grupo União Safarense)
Promotors: VNautica
Partners: Câmara Municipal de Moura, Câmara Municipal de Serpa, Câmara Municipal da Vidigueira, NELO rowing, Ana Lima Comunicação e Marketing
Support: Federação Portuguesa de Remo, Associação de Remo do Sul e Ilhas, União de Freguesias de Safara e Santo Aleixo da Restauração e EDIA.

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